Hearts and Hammers

This is a collaborative ministry supported by five congregations of the Lake Hills Interfaith Covenant. Over one weekend each year, teams of volunteers provide labor and supplies to help with major household repairs, small renovations, yard-work and cleaning for 4-5 local households. This ministry has been supported by fund-raising within the participating congregations.

Who can volunteer?
The best thing about Hearts and Hammers Day is that we all can help. We need people to pass out lunches, help make lunches, organize the jobs that the youth can do and many more small tasks that just require a little of your time. This means that we all can help. Skills are welcomed, but everyone can be put to work. Volunteer forms are at Church of the Resurrection.
What is Hearts and Hammers?
Hearts and Hammers is an annual one-day blitz to repair and rehabilitate the homes of those physically or financially unable to do so alone. Hearts and Hammers is the Covenant Churches way to give back to the community.
What repairs are done?
We do whatever repairs and renovations are possible within the scope of a one-day work party, including carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, painting, plastering, weatherization, heavy cleaning, and trash removal.
Who pays for the Hearts and Hammers repairs?
There is no charge to the homeowners for labor or materials. Local fundraising and donations of labor and materials cover costs.
How are Hearts and Hammers homes selected?
We get suggestions from pastors, relatives, neighbors, and community organizations. Homeowners can also apply directly. Work assessment teams visit proposed sites to determine needs and see if the work is within our financial and time constraints. Final selections are approved by the board of Hearts and Hammers.
Hearts and Hammers 2012 Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who helped out on Hearts and Hammers day in 2012. We are blessed. Visit our photo gallery to see some of the many volunteers how helped to make this a wonderful community event.

For more information about Hearts and Hammers, please contact:

Vee Drummond & Leon Broguiere
(425) 747-3594
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it