What to Expect When You Visit

We extend a cordial welcome to you to worship with us, and offer these notes as a brief introduction to how we worship.

Before the Service

Greeters will welcome you, help with any questions you may have about child care or other needs. An usher will offer you a bulletin for the day.

During the Service

The red Episcopal Book of Common Prayer both contain the elements of our worship service. The readings, prayers of the people and weekly announcements are contained in the weekly bulletin. The words for all of our hymns are shown on the screen at the front of the church. Our ministers will help direct you throughout the service.

You may wonder when to stand, sit or kneel. Generally, we stand when we sing, praise or read the Gospel. We sit during all other Bible readings and during the Sermon. We kneel when we pray. If you are not sure, follow the example of the people around you. If you are unable to stand or kneel for long periods, please feel free to remain seated.

At Resurrection, as in most Episcopal churches, we include a time in the service when the congregation exchanges greetings of peace with one another in preparation for the offering of our gifts. Many of us extend the "greeting of peace" beyond just the persons next to us in the seats.

Receiving Holy Eucharist

In the Episcopal Church, all baptized Christians, regardless of denomination, are invited to the Communion table. Most of us kneel at the communion rail to receive Holy Communion, but standing is equally acceptable. The wine may be received by sipping from the chalice or having the chalice bearer dip the bread for you.

If you do not want to receive either the bread or wine, simply fold your arms across your chest and the clergy will offer a blessing for you.

Children at the Service

Children of any age are welcome to the communion rail. If a parent wishes, the ministers will offer the sacrament to baptized children of any age. If the child is not to receive Communion, the clergy will offer a blessing instead.

After the Service

Following the service our clergy greet the people as they leave. We invite visitors to join us for coffee, tea and snacks. This is a wonderful time of fellowship, and offers a chance to get to know each other a little better.

The congregation of Church of the Resurrection looks forward to worshiping with you!