Special Services & Events




MAY 13, 2018

Congregation for the Homeless is an interfaith program based on the Eastside.
They provide temporary housing for up to thirty men.
In collaboration with local congregations we help support in sharing in the
preparation and serving of meals across the year. May 13th we will be at
The Cross of Christ in Bellevue serving pizza.
Please contact Sandy Lewis at 425-562-1228.

MAY 19, 2018

Hearts and Hammers is a collaborative ministry supported by
five congregations of the Lake Hills Interfaith Covenant.
Over one weekend each year, teams of volunteers provide labor and supplies
to help with major household repairs, small renovations, yard-work and cleaning
for 4-5 local households. Volunteers are welcome. No skills are needed.
We will always find a place for you to help.
Please contact Vee Drummond 425-747-3594.